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We welcome our visitors to the smallest island of the Azores.760 (nautical miles) off the coast of Portugal.The Azores consist of nine islands, being the smallest of them all, Corvo.With a total area of 17 square miles and a population of more or less 450 people.

Surrounded by the Atlantic, fishing is an "all year" activity.Farming being the main economical resource of the island.


Getting to Corvo is now easie, with three weekly flights, connecting from Ponta Delgada, Terceira,Horta and Flores.The flight duration will depend on which island your flying in from, being S Michael the furthest on this itinerary but if one prefers there is always the option of traveling by boat from Flores (seeing that the weather permits the crossing between the two islands), there is a distance of approximately 15 (nautical miles) and it can be done either by speed boats or the regular passenger ferry we have called the "Ariel".

Whichever way you choose to travel we welcome you to our island....

Visitor's notice

Our Guest House:


We have 7 rooms, each with a private bathroom,cable television and internet connections (free of charge).There is also a living room area and balcony where our guests can relax outside their rooms.


In the breakfast area we also offer a small kitchenette for those who prefer to fix a quick snack.If not there are always the local restaurants, where you can sit and enjoy a nice dinner with family and friends.


Activities on Corvo

Throughout the upper hillside of the island, you will encounter pedestrian trails and signs that will help you on your walk.

For those who prefer the sea, there is also a diving center, "Nauticorvo" which provides their clients with deep sea diving equipment, as well as boats, all around the island and also whale and dolphin watching activities.


For more information you can visit their site at www.nauticorvo.pt.


During the summer you will also find various religious festivities going on, which begin in June and end in August.The patron feast being Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, on the 15 th of August but lasting for three to four days,also the biggest one of the island.


However you spend your trip, we do hope you enjoy your stay on our island.